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“We highly recommend Dr. Silverberg as a Mohel for your bris.  We were so impressed with the amount of time and effort he put forth preparing us for the ceremony and procedure.   Dr. Silverberg called us several times during the week prior to the event and called us to learn more about our family and new child.  After the ceremony, our pediatrician and several doctor friends saw the “end result” and commented that he did a “fantastic” job.   As we planned our party for the event, we were happy to see the the efficiency with which Dr. Silverberg conducted the Brit Milah service and his ability to create a warm atmosphere.”
Dr. Silverberg is a Philadelphia Mohel and Physician who is  well known for his sense of warmth, sensitivity and caring. As a Mohel and as an Obstetrician / Gynecologist, Dr. Silverberg has performed countless medical circumcisions, including the Jewish ritual of circumcision (the bris) for many years.  Those who have celebrated the joyous occasion of the bris with Dr. Silverberg have highly recommended him to their friends and family members. Whether you are seeking a Mohel for your newborn son,  newborn twins or even an older son, Dr. Silverberg is the best Mohel in the Philadelphia region…

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Dr. Alan Silverberg, a Mohel in Philadelphia for your bris ceremony.